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The newest honorable member from the 7th district wastes little time bashing Dear Leader

David Bernstein posts a copy of Ayanna Pressley's first speech on the floor of the House.

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With Mrs. Stevil. Left a card with a note on the back wishing her luck and saying "Go get 'em".

Looks like she took me to heart! :-)

Not always a fan of some of her more progressive fiscal policies, but her heart is in the right place. And her voice re. This stupid shutdown is spot on.

Hurting way too many people for absolutely zero reason.

PS - not only was she sworn in on time, but there was a beautiful brass plaque outside with her name and state on it. City Council, take note.

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It might be worth noting she was reprimanded for a personal attack on the President, such action being frowned upon by the House. I am not saying it wasn't a warranted expression of thought, but the whole story is worth telling.


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Next time she can be like one of those super polite Canadian former prime ministers and go straight to calling him a Mother F**ker.

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She is supposed to address the Speaker, and only the Speaker, when she (or any member of the House) speaks while the House is in session. I believe the substance of the speech would pass muster, if only she referred to our President in the third rather than second person.

But hey, how would she know what proper procedure would be?

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Aaaah, Waquoit. Above it all and beside the point. Never change.

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I was just backing up what Suldog had noted. Parliamentary rules bring a level of decorum to legislative proceedings. It amazes me that people are against them as much as they are. I wish that such decorum was present in all political debates.

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How revolutionary of her. Yawn.

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Had her name attached to it. How brave of you.

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I had no idea that President Obama was the subject of heated discussion of late.

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With her, Nancy and Carmen Ortiz working together we will soon have proper health care policy, federal workers working, and start proper investigation of impeachment taxes issue. And good parental leave.

I'm glad she's breaking the rules about how women should address a man, does it your own way Ayanna!


PS: Never forget that David Bernstein knows who the most important person in Boston is!!!! A Trophy Wife from the Burbs like me!!!

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Massachusetts being a pioneer of permissiveness, I wonder, can I become my own trophy wife?

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To everyone in this forum who wishes for you to go (expletive) yourself.

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OK -- she's had her [Zer?] 15 minutes of fame

Now say so-long until perhaps the late Summer of 2020

  1. The National Media have already anointed a Media Darling from NYC:
    1. who is even more Left
    2. represents the MUCH Bigger Media Market of the NYC Metro -- by definition much more interesting to them
  2. She's not as inflammatory / defamatory as the "Foul Ball" "Hoodie from Michigan"
  3. She doesn't have a prime position on any House Committee
    1. e.g. "Jim Fidel's best Bud" McGovern as Rules Committee Chair
  4. her name is not Kennedy

Now -- She'll just have to get used to the fact that as a backbencher no-one except the Boston Media will give a hoot about anything she says

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The people who say things you like, they're not looking for their 15 mins, or no ?

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I Rise? Ayanna not is Maya Angelou and the House is not hosting a poetry slam, we have a goverment shutdown. What a waste.

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