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Nine rescued after boat capsizes in the Charles

The Cambridge Fire Department reports firefighters fished nine people out of the Charles just before the Mass. Ave. Bridge after their boat capsized shortly after 7 a.m.

The department reports no serious injuries and that the boat has been righted.

WBZ has a photo and reports the boat was apparently a crew rowing boat.

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Looks like it was two fours, not an eight: that would make it 8 rowers and two coxswains.

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Looks like at least one 8 in this NECN video.

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Curious why none of their team-mates or the coaches boat that normally seems to be out with them didn't rescue them before the FD could get there.

I know the coaches boats are small and there were 9 rowers, but I guess I still assumed that part of being a rowing team is being prepared (even practicing on occasion) for self-rescue.

Can any rowers explain how this all plays out?

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were either up-to-date on their tetanus shots, or got tetanus shots after they were rescued.

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