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Nobody, not even what's left of the Grateful Dead, comes into our house and sings about St. Louis blues

During their show at Gillette last night, Dead & Company played a song called "Black Throated Wind," and when they got to the line that goes "I left St. Louis, city of blues," they got booed.

A serious Dead fan adds the band was doing a little trolling:

Bobby sang to the New England crowd the only song in the repertoire that not only has St. Louis in it, BUT he also sang "blues" more times than was warranted.

The crowd was upset.


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Celebrating a Stanley Cup loss. Yikers.

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to celebrate the loss.

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Springsteen sang his song about the Meadowlands, and when he got to the line "where Giants played the game", he stopped for a second and said sorry to the crowd

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"I LEFT St. Louis.

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