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Not everything you see at low tide in Fort Point Channel is gross

Great blue heron in Fort Point Channel

Amid all the muck and decaying bikes and pilings and stuff exposed at low tide in Fort Point Channel yesterday, a great blue heron stood looking for a meal - one that wouldn't absorb too much of the oily sheen on the water - Johnmcboston observed.


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Anyone know how much it costs to dredge (?) a river/channel? I assume extremely expensive but wondering if anybody has expertise on cost and the process.

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Someone said there's a lot of contaminated soil at the bottom from years of RR and factories. Pus, who knows what goes down the storm drain going from mass/cass to the channel

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The great blue heron looks like an awkward modern-day pterodactyl, is wonderfully resilient and has adapted to urban settings... gotta respect that.

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