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Not your average bus stop in Everett

School Street bus stop in Everett

BostonBRT, a group that wants to create "bus rapid transit" routes in the Boston area, worked with the city of Everett to turn the inbound School Street bus stop in Everett into a "winter flowerbomb."

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I'm all for BRT, as long as it's a supplement to and not at the expense of actual rapid transit.

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The Porter Sq bus shelter has a cool, small digital sign showing when the next buses are to arrive. I've never seen that at any of the other stops in Boston. Is it an official MBTA project or was it a tinkerer with some spare parts?

The way the sign is hung looks to be a homemade project.

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Currently, the dedicated Silver Line bus lanes do not work due to a lack of traffic enforcement. If the proposal is to consolidate bus stops or make select routes express this could make a real difference.

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The sign at Porter is not official - it's a city of Cambridge project. Unfortunately, they've had lots of trouble with getting their data feed correct, so it often shows bad information. Hopefully the kinks will get worked out, because it's a great thing.

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