Nothing gets past the enforcers at BTD

Toy car with a parking ticket in Allston

"So Boston it hurts," Jonathan Levitt says of the scene on Comm. Ave. in Allston yesterday. But come on - the car is partly on the sidewalk.

EJAllstonEsq reports the ticketed car hadn't moved today. And you know if it gets four more tickets, it's going to get booted.


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The plot thickens

In the second photo, the ticket envelope is positioned differently. (And the car has moved - it's even further onto the sidewalk.)

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False flag space saver!

I don't drive and maybe that's why I love BTD parking enforcement workers.

Like the sassy BTD woman who spent a sunny Friday in Back Bay handing out parking violation tickets.

"It's a beautiful Friday and I got a mortgage to pay!" Get that work, sis!

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And you know if it gets four

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And you know if it gets four more tickets, it's going to get booted.

Adorable little Louis Vitton boots, I bet.

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I thought

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it was a Barbie car.

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Other options?

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This is so totally unnecessary!

Doesn't the owner understand that the car folds up into a single, convenient carry-pack?

It also can be reconfigured into a clever-looking hat which protects against the harsh Boston elements. After use, just place it snugly into a back-pack along with the lap-top!

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Its one of those scale model ride on toys

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They are the kind that are usually used for Honey BooBoo sized five year olds to keep them from running around in rural areas.

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