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Truck driver storrows on footbridge, gets ticket to boot

Squished truck

Ed. note: Sometimes a picture isn't worth quite a thousand words. I originally wrote the sign took out the truck, based on the photo. In fact, the photo shows where the driver stopped after hitting the Silber Footbridge, which is what State Police said and I missed in my zeal for a funny headline. I've corrected the headline and post.

State Police report Storrow truck drivers batted .333 this morning: One cracked his truck open like a walnut while two others managed to avoid the embarrassment - if not the tickets State Police routinely hand out to drivers who manage to get on the truck-unfriendly road.

State Police report the driver of the now former truck got onto Storrow Drive inbound at BU around 11:20 a.m. and that he told a responding trooper that, yeah, he saw a sign that said "NO TRUCKS," but said the sign confused him and so he just kept going - at least until a low-hanging sign made the meaning of the sign a bit clearer.

The truck was hauling bundles of hardwood flooring, according to State Police, who add that, in addition to the shame of having to tell his boss why he never made his delivery, he also got a ticket.

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Just sayin'.

(UPDATE): Sign might just be a big pussy.


It's not about what your truck does to the sign. It's about what the sign does to your truck.


It's not about what your truck does to the sign. It's about what the sign does to your truck

Yeh, right! Ha ha ha ha ha!

How shitty of a condition what the truck in the first place that it succumbed so easily to this sign?

Truck cargo spaces are built to keep the goods inside and weather out, with a minimum of weight. They're not especially robust, unless they are meant to haul bulk dirt or scrap metal or the like.

There are a lot of haulers out there with actual tarpaulins for sides. Like you say, weight counts in the industry.

Also, don't hit stuff.

So I was right... Go on, you can say it.

The police report said that the truck hit one of the footbridges, which most likely caused the damage before it approached the signs (can't imagine the signs themselves causing that much damage without incurring any damage themselves as shown in the picture).

Bonus points for being a post with picture in the state police blog.

And I am stupid. Post corrected.

So after hitting the footbridge did he just plan to keep driving to whatever he was headed until he encountered the sign and figured he'd stop this time?

Based on standard scoring he still deserves credit for making entirely through a storrowing.

"You were confused by 'NO TRUCKS' . Were you driving a truck?"

< inaudible >

"Do you know what 'NO' means?"

< inaudible >

"Can you think of reasons why a highway might have a 'NO TRUCKS' sign?"

< silence >



Officer: Did you see the "No Trucks" sign?

Dumbass: Yes, but I went ahead anyway, because the sign is confusing.

Officer: Which part; "no" or "trucks"?

Dumbass: Derp

It's hard to imagine how he found this confusing: https://goo.gl/maps/ekQFoJN8w6Kn3QqK9

We have:

  • A graphic no trucks sign
  • A text no trucks sign
  • A warning sign showing a graphic of a truck hitting a bridge
  • An oversized red and yellow overhead sign saying "DANGER LOW CLEARANCE"
  • A "CARS ONLY" sign hanging on chains at a height such that the truck would have hit this sign and then kept going.
  • Oh and one flashing yellow light for good measure

Anyone who thinks this isn't sufficient warning needs to have their license shredded immediately.

Perfect post, made me chuckle

This is what I think of every time somebody suggests that Storrowing could be prevented if we just installed more/better signs, and therefore this is all the government's fault.

And I see that Storrow inbound still has Route 1 signs, despite the fact that Route 1 moved to the SE Xway years ago.