Old house with cars

House in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene.





Looks more like streetcar

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Looks more like streetcar yard with streetcar motor persons lobby (and houses in background)


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Yes!! reminds me of a streetcar station

I wanna say Maverick Sq but nahhh

Just a guess

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Probably not, but what about Cleveland Circle/ Reservoir? With MaryAnne's/ CVS having replaced those homes. The wall there looks similar to what is there today and tracks loop out of a depot.


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No idea why, but that's what jumped to my mind when I first looked at it.

its boston

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Its Boston City Archives... so prob not Watertown Sq.

Peabody Square?

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I'm probably wrong, and what gets me is that the place looks familiar. I'm sure I'm going to be kicking myself when the answer is revealed. Unless, of course, I'm right.

See it larger?

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What happened to the "see it larger" option? Gamewell fire alarm box on telephone pole could narrow it down. Many of the boxes are still around.

Someone on the BCA twitter

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Someone on the BCA twitter guessed Eagle St. in East Boston. Looking at the street view, that's not a bad guess, and maybe the houses in the background would be on Trenton.


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I'm pretty sure it's Braintree St. near Wilton St. in Allston, mabe in the 1920s? Not sure about the date. There used to be a car barn across the street. I work near here, and walked by this intersection on my way to lunch a few hours ago. A lot has changed since this photo was taken, and it looks like all that remains today is that manhole cover, and maybe parts of the curb.



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I’m really impressed!! Even knowing now where it is, I still can’t figure out where the photographer was standing. Well done!

Oh, look at that!

Ha! If you zoom in via the link above, you can see that the streetlamp in the foreground has the street signs at the top of the globe - to the left, "[WILT]ON ST," and to the right 'BRAINTREE."