Old McDonald's to be replaced, EIEIO

The McDonald's at 1750 Soldiers Field Rd. in Brighton is old. How old? It's so old the franchise owner had to file a formal declaration with the city Landmarks Commission to determine whether it was of any historic interest and possibly worth saving. A city ordinance requires the commission to at least consider the issue with requests for a pemit to demolish a building at least 50 years old.

The deadline for filing concerns was yesterday, so barring a sudden wave of nostalgia for late-1960s McDonald's construction, the owner will be allowed to replace it with a more modern McDonald's.



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Well its true, the law applies. This is where those laws are almost out dated. What's next? a former Bradlees or Stop & Shop historical site?

Back when I was a teen, I drove around in a 1981 AMC Spirit. Thing was MINT condition. At the time, NH said "classic" plates could be purchased for cars older than 15 years old. My Senior year, just for shits.. I got classic plates. LOL


I still find it really weird

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I still find it really weird every time I see cars from the early 90s driving around with "antique vehicle" plates...


When was the law written?

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It seems like it might be time to revamp it to include pre-WWII buildings, rather than anything >50 years old.

(Also, the historical significance law looks at whether things are the last or one of the last examples of a type of architecture. Which makes sense, but also means there's not part of the law that directly applies when someone buys one of a row of identical 1800s rowhouses or close-together freestanding houses and wants to demolish one of them and build something else, as has happened several times in Roxbury.)

It certainly has its charms

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That whole little strip of land between Soldiers Field Rd and North Beacon St is a weird little vestige of 1960s sprawl. Which is mostly a bad thing and the whole thing should be reengineered to be friendlier to non-automobiles, but it's certainly an aesthetic. But the McDonalds on its own is pretty generic.


"Let's not forget Sammy White's..."

Because he was a pretty good catcher, or because a bunch of people got gunned down in the eponymous bowling alley?

There was a cool ditch next

There was a cool ditch next to Martignetti's that they didn't care if people skated. Something tells me the luxury car dealership won't be as cool about it.

That area is particularly annoying

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because it's ALMOST bike/ped friendly, but it's not. I commute to a western suburb on that path. I've gone to that Starbucks, and there's really no good way to get there from the path. If you're headed outbound, you have to plan way ahead and get off at the overpass, then use roads with no good shoulder and on which people drive 45+ regardless of the speed limit. I've also gone to the IHOP on the way to work with a kid with me. We ended up riding past it to the Watertown/Newton splitoff, where you can get 3/4 of the way across at signalled crosswalks, but then have to run across the two unsignalled streets that come from Brighton. It desperately needs to be redone. The DC area has a number of good examples of similar street design from the '60s-'80s that's been recently redone to be bike/ped friendly. There are plenty of places where you can tell it used to be strip malls along a highway, but has been made walkable. We need to get on this.

That was the first McDonald's I ever went to...

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My parents loved that particular location. My father, who passed away several years ago, always made the car trip to buy a cup of coffee from them before heading for work. Though I have not been to that McDonald's since 1989, I'm sure it was renovated extensively over the years since my last visit. But I do understand the need for it to restart anew.

Drive thru

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I hope they keep the terrifying Ronald McDonald poster-thing in the drive thru window that terrifies you the moment you come around the corner from ordering.

It still haunts me.

Better fries

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Before Staples, etc. that area was the arbitoire that turned the river red and great grandpa reports that area stunk to high heaven. No wonder the gardening was good! RIP Mickey D’s, I’m sure you’ll find a home in the bottom floor of some ugly apt. complex.
I really hope they don’t do a shit design job over there. My biggest gripe in that area was access to the river without being mowed down. It would be nice to see it renewed thoughtfully. Maybe even a cow pasture thrown in for good charm.

If anything, the IHOP is

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If anything, the IHOP is historic. I went there quite a bit when I was an MIT undergrad in the late 80's.