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O'Neill Tunnel northbound? More like the O'Neill Tunnel fogbound

Foggy O'Neill Tunnel in downtown Boston

Giedz reports a "very eerie" ride on I-93 northbound through the tunnel this rush hour.


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Reminds Magoo of the time traveling the seven seas. It's starboard and larboard on deck you will sprawl For Kicking Jack Williams commands the Black Ball. Way hey blow the Magoo down. Give me some time to blow the Magoo down. Magoo.

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Very cool indeed, and probably a byproduct of the change in the weather which rolled through today (and maybe the fans helped)? The temperature dropped 20˚ in a few minutes as the rain rolled in, but the air in the tunnel was probably warmer and with a higher dewpoint. As the cooler air was blown in by the cars (or the fans) the air was cooled to its saturation point and fog developed.

It's kind of surprising this doesn't happen more often, actually.

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