Orange Line isn't fine

Danielle reports she had to do a bit of backwards commuting on the Orange Line this morning:

Typically take the Orange Line from Ruggles to Back Bay. Severe delays and overcrowding. Now heading outbound to Forest Hills to catch a train to back bay. What a joke.


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I gave up

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Took the CT2 from Sullivan to Ruggles. Only an hour and a half to go 3.4 miles.

Glad to see all the winterizing work they did crumble at the first challenge

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My typical 50-60 minute commute (32 bus to Forest Hills, Orange Line to Back Back) took over 90 minutes, and the train was jam-packed the entire way. I feel bad for people waiting in the above-ground platforms!

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Took a Lyft instead

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And that wasn't any better...traffic was bad bad bad.

In terms of the train, I doubt the new cars are going to change anything

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Took me the same amount of

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Took me the same amount of time , half hour bike ride on the swc .....yes it was icy yes I survived , you weaklings lol

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