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The Passover supplies are in

Seaweed snacks now kosher for Passover

The Dedham Stop & Shop always seem to have one of the largest selections of food that's kosher for Passover outside of Harvard Street in Brookline - and not just the traditional stuff like matzoh and gefilte fish. Among the selections this year: Roasted seaweed snacks.

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Those of a certain age may remember the old Erewhon health food store on Newbury Street in the 60s and 70s. It was the earliest I can remember of this type of place. Picture a sort of mom and pop, far less commercial, tiny version of Whole Foods. They sold an item I can only describe as a "seaweed ravioli". It was a crisp brown baked ravioli shaped shell filled with seaweed. They were dry as hell and the seaweed was an unpleasantly coarse texture, but I kind of liked them.

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Always used Rokeach at grandma’s.

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