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Pedestrian struck and killed on Mass. Ave. Connector

State Police report a pedestrian was hit on the Mass. Ave. Connector at Mass. Ave. and Melnea Cass Boulevard this morning. The ramp from the Expressway to the connector and the ramp from Frontage Road are both shut for an investigation.

Stephen Bedell reports:

Drove up on someone lying in the street at Mass Ave and Cardinal Medeiros. Must’ve happened around 7:30am. Doctor/Nurse arrived, started performing CPR. Street sweeper told me it was a pedestrian that got hit. Need full-time crossing guards there or something.

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Same people stemming in that area all the time. I feel bad. Sucks that you have to have to risk death just to get money for your next fix.

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From the MBTA police headquarters on Southampton all the way to the 1st or 2nd block of melnea cass should be a major source of embarrassment for the city of Boston. i am down there often (my dog trainer is located at Boston Red Dog Kennel on Southampton), and the city is doing nothing about it.

I have seen countless drug deals, people shooting up in broad daylight in front of the police, women performing sex acts on men on the sidewalk, people nodding off in the middle of the street. Its insane. And more often than not, there are BPD officers sitting in their cruisers, watching it all unfold.

Now, this isn't a problem that we can arrest our way out of, but something has to give. The city has effectively given up on these few blocks, and they should be ashamed. Enough with the political gamesmanship and get Long Island open again. Get money into needle exchanges and AIDS outreach. This is a fucking public health crisis, and as far as i can tell, Mayor MAHHHTY the teetotaler and Fencewalker Baker and content to act like there is no problem.

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A big intersection like that makes distances long for pedestrians to see "WALK" and "DON'T WALK" signs. These signs need to be bigger nationally for distances beyond the typical 30 feet of a two lane road. Update the standards!

A safer fix are pedestrian overpasses as long as pedestrians are willing to use them. A crossing guard would probably be less expensive and more effective at getting pedestrians and vehicles to stop when not their turn to cross.

Sun may have been a factor given early time and southeast direction of driver's travel.

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The safer fix is designing safer streets, not air lifting pedestrians above traffic because you're too cowardly to inconvenience motorists.

But hey I almost got victim blaming BINGO, keep going.

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I can only imagine how sketchy a cross bridge would be in that area

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