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Plans filed for new apartments behind the Speedy Market in West Roxbury

Heron Street rendering

Architect's rendering

Developer Peter Heaney today filed detailed plans with the BPDA for 72 apartments in two four-story buildings on either side of Heron Street, a small street at one end of West Roxbury's bird-street neighborhood behind the Speedy Market on Washington Street and single-family homes along Grouse Street.

Because this is West Roxbury, Heaney is proposing more parking spaces than units - 85 in both garages and on-street spots - although he notes the site is served by the 34, 34E and 40 bus routes.

Most of the units will have two bedrooms; 24 will have one bedroom each. Nine will be rented as affordable.

Heaney's filing says the apartments will be "a significant positive addition to the West Roxbury neighborhood" that will revitalize a little-used area with "attractive and thoughtfully designed buildings." Also:

The two buildings will be designed with proportions to complement nearby or adjoining 3-1/2 story multi-family residential structures, and use exterior finish materials that are prevalent in adjoining or nearby single-family residential structures. The structures will be wood-frame construction with exterior clapboards, cementitious panels and simulated stone units. The combination of clapboard and cementitious panels will be used to visually minimize the scale of the structure and complement adjacent residential structures. The roof cornice line will provide a cap to the structure and will reinforce the modern residential roof design.

Heaney hopes to begin construction by the end of this year, with completion scheduled for fall, 2021.

11-26 Heron St. project notification plan (27M PDF).

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I am all for more housing but when will the city, and it's residents. start to think about the infrastructure to support all the new housing from W. Rox, Rozzie & JP? Thousands and thousands of more people with no updates to the already failing train system is going to get ugly quickly.

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But let's start with the new bus lane along Washington Street, which will get riders of the 34, 34E, and 40 bus lines (ie, the people who would live in these apartments) down to Forest Hills that much quicker. Once there, the new Orange Line cars will be going online well before this project would be completed. That will be newer, more reliable, and most importantly more numerous, trains on the Orange Line. Added to that, they are rebuilding the signaling system (which currently is decades ahead of what is found in use on a certain transit system 200 miles southwest of Boston) which will allow for quicker trains at closer headways. Not the sexiest of items, and people will be griping about the installation process, but in the end, the transit infrastructure is there.

If you are talking the more boring infrastructure, I have heard nothing that Boston's water, sewer, electrical, or gas infrastructure can't handle projects like this.

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Anyone else think that that was ivy on the side of the building?

Nope, just translucent trees.

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Based on these renderings I'm guessing Escher Studios.

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Nunez Trabucco Architects of Needham - whose Web site is, interestingly enough, "under construction."

You can usually find the architects for a project in a developers project notification or small-project review application with the BPDA.

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