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Police hunt for driver, car in fatal Mattapan hit and run

Driver and car wanted for hit and run

Boston Police have released photos of the woman and car they say hit and killed Brenda Lee Keller, 57, at Hiawatha and Fottler roads in Mattapan on Thursday afternoon.

Police at first were unsure how Keller suffered fatal head trauma around 3:30 p.m., but have now ruled her death a vehicular homicide.

The vehicle is described as a black-colored sedan with windows that appeared to be tinted. The operator, who was last seen walking away from the scene towards Tennis Road, is described as a black female with a heavy build and long hair, wearing a white shirt and black pants.

Anybody with information can contact homicide detectives at 617-343-4470 or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or by texting TIP to CRIME (27463).



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I can't believe the earlier speculation that this could have been done by a cyclist or a cyclist with a weapon didn't pan out.

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Especially since the police drew a bit back from their original claim that it was a hit and run.

But you'd be surprised to find out that people on bicyclist do kill people with weapons.

Myself, I'm surprised that it went from a hit and run to not a hit and run to a hit and run and we know which direction the suspect fled in. I would think that would come up in initial interviews with eyewitnesses.

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Why are you doubling down on this stupid generalization? Murder happens in every way under the sun. This situation has nothing to do with this hit and run. The original speculation that cyclist could have done this was troll bait.

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In another corner of the internet, I have to explain to some people that just because there are groups like ISIS, that doesn’t mean Muslims are out to kill non-Muslims.

Yes, people do bad things and the woman who did this is a sociopathic bitch, in my eyes, but the claim was that any speculation, when the means of death was in doubt, that it wasn’t a driver was bad. I’m no more doubling down that the guy I replied to was.

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