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Missing Harvard Law professor found in Boston

Charles Ogletree

UPDATE, 11:45 p.m. Cambridge Police report he was found, OK, in Boston.

Cambridge Police are seeking help finding Charles Ogletree, 66, who has Alzheimer's and who was last seen at his Pemberton Street home around 5:40 p.m. today.

He was last seen wearing a black jacket with a fur hood and black cap. He was also wearing black pants and black shoes. He is 5’10, has a thin build and a mustache.

If you spot him, call 911 or Cambridge Police at 617-349-3300.




Sure they didn’t arrest him at his house ? I know they do that sometimes

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They found him. Thanks would be more appropriate.

No wonder our society has become so tense, balkanized, violent, and full of hate.

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it's definitely the internet commenter pointing out police misconduct that's the real issue in our society


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I mean, he is (or was) a preeminent professor at one of the nation’s top law schools. My heart goes out to him and his family.

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By all who helped locate Professor Ogletree and bring him safely home. May we all be the recipients of such dedication and kindness.

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So, he's back safely. I remember his name because articles by him used to appear in the newspapers, etc. This is unusual as I've heard of very few people of color to come down with Alzheimer's--and he's my age (I'm Slavic, which is off-white; white people have blue eyes, light hair and skin, think Paul Newman and Michael York). Alzheimer's seems to largely strike people of British-Isles extraction and other Aryan types, more "hollow-eyed" people (meaning the irises are radically distinct from the pupils) seem to get it than brown-eyed and monochrome-eyed people (iris and pupils the same color) like me. So, is there any data on the frequency of Alzheimer's across populations--or is it something people deliberately don't talk about?

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