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Police officer injured in Forest Hills crash

Crash at Hyde Park Ave. and Ukraine Way

Three vehicles involved in crash. Photo by KMV.

Around 12:30 p.m. at Hyde Park Avenue and Ukraine Way. WCVB reports the injuries are not life threatening.



The dump truck and white van appear to be completely on the wrong side of the road. Glad there are no serious injuries.

What's going on the lot between the building under construction on Ukraine and the row houses down HP Ave a few hundred feet, parking? Green space?

Is a nightmare and has only fallen into chaos since the bridge came down. Ride shares park wherever they feel like it...just throw on the emergency lights and ignorantly wait taking up a whole lane. This will continue to devolve as the area gets further congested and selective enforcement of basic driving rules prevails.


Taxis had already been blocking the travel lane in front of the upper busway for at least a decade before the bridge came down. In my daily experience, there are fewer cabs and ride shares blocking the travel lanes now than before the bridge project and station redesign. Too many people still double park in front of Brassica while they wait to pick up a commuter, but that's also been going on forever, and it can't be blamed on either ride shares or the bridge project. I find it easier to navigate now that the bridge and its chaos of ramps are out of the way, but your mileage may vary.


But the ride share situation still needs to be resolved.

Of course, there's also the general fiasco of the "park and ride", where the T moved people around, then neglected to tell them where the final location is.

I've been driving through there nearly daily for 10 years. It's no worse than before the bridge came down. It's not good mind you and enforcement would go a long, long way to improving things but it's not worse.

Two police officers to working 7:30-9 and 4-6 to prevent people from blocking the box on at the Arbs Way (Wash + South St intersections) would go a long way to improving things there.


maybe for drivers but it's not that way for bikers and pedestrians.

Also at this intersection: wash and Ukraine. People routinely block it, snarling traffic pointlessly throughout rush hour. I hate living up the hill from there. I worry about crossing that intersection with my baby.

Now they know what it's been like for pedestrians and bikers for the last few years...maybe something will be done about it now. Glad all are safe.


I'm sure the driver didn't mean to hit him. He should be let off without a warning.


"If you're a police office dressed in neon yellow working a traffic detail, you've got to understand, cars are going to hit you."