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Police Sgt Jeff Perry protected felon "officer strip-search" not the teenage girls

Then a 14 year old teenager, Lisa Allen came forward Wednesday to tell her side of the story when Republican candidate for US Congress former police officer Sgt Jeff Perry, failed to protect Ms. Allen from Officer Scott Flanagan who performed an illegal strip-search of her. Police officers are entrusted to, and take an oath to, serve and protect. Ms. Allen said Officer Perry protected Officer Flanagan but not her. Ms Allen went further and said Perry "should not be in a position of power."

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Officer Flanagan pleaded guilty and spent four years in jail. Jeff Perry resigned from the Wareham Police Department seventeen days after a second illegal strip-search incident. In the years that followed, Wareham lost two civil law suits due to the illegal strip-searches of a 14 and 16 year old girl, one of whom was Ms. Allen.

For more details see: "The mark on Jeff Perry's record as Wareham Police officer"



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