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In pre-Marathon race, runners beat Green Line

But are you surprised? The Green Line riders lost whatever chance they might have had when, naturally, their train was taken out of service at Kenmore.


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As a reasonably fit but not particularly fast runner (I average around 8 mph on city streets), I find that I can get just about anywhere I need to go in the city faster by running than taking an (unbroken) "fast transit" train. Even if it involves taking only the Red Line, typical speed doesn’t get much faster than 8 mph from point to point after factoring in walking to and from the train, wait time, etc. During busy hours, driving is often slower than that within 3 or 4 miles of the City center. And city buses? Let’s not get started on this one… Only biking is faster than all of the above.

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This is why it's called the Green line and not the Rose line.

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