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Race for that last at-large council seat now even closer

The latest unofficial city election results now show just five votes separate Julia Mejia and Alejandra St. Guillen for the fourth at-large seat on the city council. Both campaigns have been collecting signatures for a recount of what, on election night, seemed to be a ten-vote election win for Mejia.

H/t James W. Hills.


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Any time the margin is such a small fraction of the total number, the recount should be automatic by statue. The petition process for such a no brainier situation is absurd. Just get to it.

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not grounds for an automatic recount? Anything less than 1% seems like it ought to trigger one without any work by either candidate.

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I appreciate how positive Julia Mejia has been about this, but it is a huge and unexpected expense and additional work.
If you want to support the recount, you can donate here: https://www.juliaforboston.com/

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Like Boston, Somerville elects four city council members (until recently still called "aldermen") at-large, while electing others from districts.

Twice in my memory, in 1999 and 2007, we've had manual recounts because of razor-thin margins between the fourth-place winner and the fifth-place loser. The 1999 race was finally decided by a court, which ruled that Bill White had won fourth place by one vote.

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This publication, Election Recounts, explains what happens next.

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