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Red Line problems never stop: Evening ride now a flop

Red Line riders dumped at Park Street

Tim Lawrence was among the hordes ordered off an Alewife train at Park around 6:30 p.m., around the time the MBTA was announcing delays in the other direction due to a wounded train leaving Alewife.

The delays came about four hours after the T announced:

Major signal work has been completed in a key area of signals between Broadway and JFK/UMass Stations, allowing the MBTA to now run the regularly scheduled 28 trains throughout the Red Line during rush hour. The restoration of the signals between Broadway and JFK/UMass was followed by several consecutive days of operational testing to ensure the system was properly functioning and could be monitored and controlled by the MBTA’s control center. Restoring this key segment of the signal system has also allowed the MBTA to improve travel times, resulting in a time savings of approximately five minutes for customers.

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