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Red Line riders: 20-minute delays are your new normal

The MBTA is advising Red Line riders to leave an extra 20 minutes or so to get where they're going tomorrow because of the ongoing signal issues at JFK/UMass left over from the derailment last week.

Although T workers and contractors have done enough repairs to the tracks and third rail that Braintree riders no longer have to change at JFK/UMass, it's still anybody's guess when they'll be able to replace all the signal equipment the train took out on its off-track adventure, which means that switches still have to be thrown manually to get trains on the right tracks at JFK/UMass.

The signal issues mean that riders on the rest of the Red Line will continue to have to forego train-arrival information at their stations, because that system is normally uses information from the switch system.

Latest from the MBTA, which includes information on extra commuter-rail trains on Monday.

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