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Red Line riders complain: Where is the frickin' train?

Crowded Red Line station

Delays reached 30 minutes on the Red Line this morning after a train approaching Harvard gasped its last and just died right on the tracks.

Among those who got stuck: State Rep. Tommy Vitolo of Brookline:

Good times on the Red Line. And by good times, I mean: 1000s of people late for work is not good for the economy. The [Baker] administration stated the $30M fare increase was all the $ the @mbta needed. Shall I survey the folks standing around here?

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I mean do we really need them? Trains dont work anyways......

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Took us an hour to go 6 miles this morning...on a commuter line that is late everyday as it is. No lights, no air - all so we could push a dead train from Ruggles to South Station. At least I had a seat!

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90 mins. Then walking by a subway car on fire.

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Every day thank that jerk for screwing the Boston metro area.

And thank all the "experts" that thought he was a political genius.

Never forget.

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I'm gathering you don't realize the T is a state authority and so a bit beyond Menino's control. Or do you have some startling insight about how the T's daily failures are all his fault?

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What an enjoyable way to live life. No thanks Boston..

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