Red Line riders got screwed, when a train got Andrewed

Signboard shows next Red Line train in 27 minutes at rush hour

The signboard tells the tale. Photo by David Weininger.

It just wouldn't be a morning rush hour on the Red Line without at least one train sputtering to its death, and, sure enough, a train died at Andrew this morning, causing delays of up to 30 minutes.



New cars are being built.

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New cars are being built. Until then, old cars will continue to break. There, I saved you about 1000 repetitive posts on the topic.

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Red Line - why?

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what is up with the Red Line? Is it that they have poorly made cars, or is it the fact that it is outdoors for so long on its lines? Or do they just not do very good maintenance?

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Just have to give yourself an extra half hour during extreme cold, I guess.

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