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Reliving the blizzards of 2015

Nick Mancuso asked Bostonians to share their photos and memories of the Winter that Refused to End and they responded with dozens and dozens of photos and stories, so if you need to cool down or just shiver in the shared memories, have at it.

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This sucked so much when it was happening but in hindsight, it's one of my favorite Boston memories


I'm still suffering PTSD in the winter when the snow starts to fall.


Why? For having survived it?

Also, are you from New England originally? I don't like winter to begin with and that was just soul-crushing and absurd. If you are a transplant, I can see that it could feel like an initiation rite. And true, you would be due some winter cred for getting through it.

I have some fond memories of the Blizzard of 78, but I got to miss a month of so of junior high school, "camp" at a friend's house and do a lot of cool things. My parents (homeowners) on the other hand, had to deal with the nightmare and expense of the flooding aftermath --they paid off loans that they needed to do repairs for at least a decade after. I know that they don't have any good memories of it.

Worked for a local moving company during said bizzahd. I'd rather not think about it, actually

I missed a surgeon appointment 3 weeks in a row due to the snow. The 3rd time, when my car got stuck between the driveway and street and refused to move, I accepted defeat and just did the appointment by phone.


Waiting for a surgeon. It was so cold being transferred to surgery.

Saying "the winter of 2015" is like saying Beantown.


I’m a veteran of ‘78, and in my house it is “winter of 2015.” Snowpocalyse sounds like media hype. Winter of 2015 shows that you know what happened without having to spell it out.

Not like someone who goes negative purely for the pleasure of negativity. I also am a veteran of 78, and understand the issue of scale, just without the get off of my get off of my lawn tendencies.

Who was it that told the “Winter of 2015” people to get off their lawn?


The best from 2014-15 was the storm that hit the night of the Super Bowl. Pats won and I got a snow day from work the next day.

Getting to and from work sucked. Getting anywhere sucked.

Well at least there were ATM'S , credit cards , and craft beer, unlike in 1978 , when Schlitz was king!

But it convinced our local leaders and elected officials how critical the MBTA was to our region's success, and since then they have all worked tirelessly to make massive improvements in infrastructure and equipment to ensure that delays are rare and systemic breakdowns are a thing of the past.


rub it in :-(

Please read more of his work before declaring that systemic breakdowns are a thing of the past! :-)

Seriously, it does sound like we are making progress, but we've got at least 8 years to go to make the system decent. Oh, and billions of dollars.

There were Boston neighborhoods snowed under for weeks. Local people lived like refugees waiting for the city to plow. Yet Marty Walsh managed to clear Boylston Street in the blink of an eye for a parade for the Patriots attended by suburbanites and tourists. That's priorities for you.

and the great job he did removing the snow and not just piling it up at intersections? The Mayor of Buffalo NY I'm talking about.
I'll never vote for the Boston Buffoon again.

He was reelected 2+ years later.

I hope you look forward to not voting for him for a while to come.