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Remembering in Roslindale

Flags at Korean and Vietnam War memorial in Adams Park, Roslindale

The Arredondo Family Foundation turned Adams Park in Roslindale into a commemoration of fallen American service members, including putting flags in front of the memorial to Americans who died in the Korean and Vietnam wars.

In the center of the park, they put a metal structure with paper and markers for people to leave their own thoughts:

Memorial in Roslindale

The park is particularly appropriate for a Memorial Day commemoration, because it's named for Irving W. Adams, a Roslindale resident who was the first Massachusetts serviceman to die in World War I, in 1918 at Raimbeaucourt, France.




To the entire Arredondo family for the sacrifices of their family and their service to the military and our community.

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Somerville held an awkward Boston Pops 4th of July knockoff along the Mystic River on Monday and claimed it was a Memorial Day event. Bryan Bishop screwed up big time.

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My deepest thanks to The Arredondo Family Foundation. You are Patriots.

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