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Residents of Hanover Street building forced to evacuate after inspection shows building is unsafe

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports residents of 454-464 Hanover St. were given a short time to gather some belongings before they had to flee.

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semi-scary, but definitely super inconvenient for the residents; but better we have such safeguards than not. otherwise it would just be a world of "who's the landlord 'smart' enough to never update their building?"

amirite? c'mon, AMIRITE??

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So those people have a huge assessment coming their way if they need to structurally repair a building that size. Brutal. Not to mention they now need to find housing elsewhere for the coming months while paying their mortgage. The tenants can at lease just move their monthly housing costs to a different landlord for the duration.

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Some issues are not visible. This was an engineering inspection where a part of a wall was removed to look at the underlying support. Hope they have good master insurance.

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