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Riverside Line a wicked hot mess due to a trolley in some distress

Waiting for the Green Line in Newton

Waiting for the Godot Line in Newton Centre. Photo by Phil R..

Phil R. reports the Riverside Line took a look at the Red Line this morning and said, "Hold my beer:"

And now an @MBTA transit operator just announced that the train we've been waiting 20+ minutes for "had a fire" and had to be taken out of service.

Another anxious Riverside rider: Channel 7's Dan Hausle, who went into reporter mode at Eliot:

@newtonpolice and @NewtonFireDept arrive at Eliot stop to check our inbound D @MBTA train stopped after blowing smoke from overhead equipment.



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none of this affects you or your base in any way, so continue to do nothing

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none of this affects you or your base in any way, so continue to do nothing

In a way though, you are right. Few outside of the greater boston area care about (or are willing to pay to fix) the T.

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that has brought us to where we are.

Wait 'til you see the traffic in 10 years if we don't make some serious changes now. Rush hour will begin at 5 am and end at 9 pm.

The entire region benefits by having a healthy public transportation system.

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What we don't have is a "healthy public transportation system". And if we knuckle under to these thieves with their July 1 rate increase they will just continue to laugh at us.

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...how you define "the entire region". The current transit system is useful for people who live mostly within 495 to get into Boston and back again. To get from one suburban location to another, it's pretty much useless unless your destination is right on the same commuter rail line as your starting point. Beyond that "entire region", the MBTA doesn't serve anybody's daily transit needs -- it's only good for a trip into Boston, really. It's a pretty hard sell for someone living in Springfield or Pittsfield who's seeing their own limited transit options cut even further.

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I see Amy Schumer waiting for the train.

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Just another day on the T. The Countdown clocks need to be updated: 1. Fire 2. Derailment 3. Schedule Adjustment 4. Ran Out of Money

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