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Roller rink not to blame for melee after police-sponsored event, board determines

The Boston Licensing Board ruled yesterday that Chez-Vous, 11 Rhoades St. in Mattapan, was not to blame for a November incident in which the intersection of Blue Hill Avenue and Morton Street got blocked by up to 250 kids, four of whom were arrested for refusing police orders to disperse.

At a hearing on Tuesday, a club manager and a police officer said problems began as teens were leaving a police-sponsored talk and roller-skating session. A club manager testified that the teen who sparked the first fight had not even attended the event; that he'd spotted her walking down Blue Hill Avenue, visibly riled up and that he tried to get her to walk away from the area, only she returned.

The manager added that the incident only proved correct the rink's decision in 2016 to stop hosting teen-specific events. He said the rink agreed with a request from BPD to open for the November event, which was meant to improve relations between local teens and the police.


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So glad CV not to blame on this. That place has given me nothing but happy times in my younger days (back when disco and roller skating was known as a "CRAZE" !!!) Thanks for the great memories and keep doing what your doing old school.

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