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Roslindale losing its craft-beer store

Roslindale Craft Beer Cellar owner Bryan Reeves announced today he's shutting his store in the basement of the Roslindale Square substation. Reeves says he will stay open as long as he still has stock left - which he'll be discounting 25% starting Tuesday.

Reeves opened his store in January, 2017, the first time the former trolley substation had been used for anything in 45 years.

His store, with only small signs on the side of the hulking building, was supposed to be followed by a large restaurant on the main floor, but those plans fell apart. Historic Boston, Inc., and Roslindale Village Main Street have yet to find a permanent tenant for the space, but have run various popup events, including winter beer halls the past two winters.

Roslindale Square residents with a taste for craft beers will still be able to find them at Chance Liquors on Corinth Street.



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Chance is fine but a munch smaller store with much more limited selection.

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But Roslindale Craft Beer Cellar was the real deal. Chance is good if you want bud, miller or corona.

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Great store, Bryan is super-friendly and always has good recommendations; great inventory as well.

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It's a somewhat tough location. Sorry to see them go.

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This is a tough loss. Great store and great people. I dont understand how just a few weeks ago they were lobbying go sell liquor and now theyre closing. To be honest shen they announced last week that theyd be closed on mondays, that didnt seem to be a good sign.

Parking is a huge issue here. The lack of parking keeps me away from the square area.

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There is a 100-spot municipal parking lot with free 2-hour parking all of a one-minute walk from this store and most places in Roslindale Square. Give me a break.

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There isn't a lack of parking. People that boo and hiss about lack of parking are part of the problem. Walk or take one of the 5+ buses that go to the Square.

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Really Mr. Gaffin? Is Chance liquors the only place in Rozzie Square where you can get craft beer? I think you need to walk around and see Solera on Birch street!

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I have to admit I always thought of Solera as just a wine store. It is, after all, right next to the cheese store.

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Solera has a small and quirky selection of craft beers! Always had.

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