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Roslindale man charged with attempted house break-in in central Maine

A Roslindale man was arrested today in Benton, ME - north of the state capital of Augusta - on charges he tried to break into a home there, only to be scared off by the homeowner, CentralMaine.com reports.

Tyrone Fleurimont, 31, who has been convicted on gun charges here, was arrested by Maine state troopers about a mile from the house.

Innocent, etc.



More dazzle from this one: https://www.universalhub.com/crime/20160121/roslindale-man-who-keeps-get...

And for any crime junkies out there who have a room with yarn and photos going on.... this kid/guy grew up across the street. https://www.bradenton.com/news/local/crime/article218922275.html

Something in the water maybe

His brother, maybe.

The Maine guy is William's older bro.

He apparently doesn't know of Willie Sutton's guiding principle.

This waste of space has racked up multiple illegal gun (and class A drug)charges over the years but somehow he is still out roaming the streets. I could three times, and this would be his fourth? People, politicians, liberals, SJWs - ICE is not the problem in our streets, it's morons like this loser who are terrorizing our neighborhoods, and the judges who let them out time and time again.

Want to get tough on crime and stop the violence in our streets? Lock this dirtbag up for a very, very long time.


Somewhere in Maine well north of Portland is not, in fact, our streets.

This loser has like 3 gun and drug arrests around Colberg Ave in Rozzie (our streets) and down on the south shore - then he got wise and decided to take his reign of terror up north.

Don't worry, Im sure he'll be back here soon now that Rollins is finding new and creative ways to not prosecutre criminals.


So what, she's going to drive up to Maine to demand he is released to return back to MA?

Does Fox News make you stupid or do watch Fox News because you're stupid, a mystery for the ages.

They will be in our streets once he returns home form Maine. There is a nice little pipeline back and forth between Maine and Boston where they trade Guns, girls and drugs.


With a gun in his hand. I bet they fled. They were probably breaking into homes to steal firearms.

How did this guy get up to Maine, however?

because (despite MULTIPLE illegal gun and drug possession charges), liberal Massachusetts judges continued to let this Sh%$thead back onto the streets. Then he evidently got wise and moved his crimewave to Maine.