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Roslindale Square to get a bookstore again

A local writer and a local book seller say they're going to bring a bookstore back to Roslindale Square.

Roy Karp, a freelance writer, and Tom Nealon, who once owned the Pazzo Books shop in Roslindale and West Roxbury, say they'll start as a monthly popup at the Turtle Swamp beer hall at the Roslindale Square substation, beginning Dec. 21 and 22, but that they're looking to establish a more permanent presence in the square.

The popup will feature new and used books.

Pazzo Books started as a used-book shop in Roslindale Square, then moved to West Roxbury before closing under the Amazon onslaught in 2014. Nealon still maintains an online shop focusing on antiquarian works. Roslindale Square's last bookshop, Village Books, closed in 2011.

Via Keep Roslindale Quirky.

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Great place to open one. Here's wishing them good luck.

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Roslindale used to be a great place until the realtors took over the place. Now they jack up the rents to run out the old businesses to replace them with new ones that don't even last a year.

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