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The satellite babies of Chinatown

Sampan takes a look at the issue of Chinatown immigrant parents who, faced with "economic strains, language barriers and other pressures of resettlement" send their young children to live with relatives back in China, sometimes for years at a time.

Sampan interviewed Leslie Wang, a UMass Boston professor who has been working to help the parents and who co-authored a report that included interviews with 30 Chinatown parents with "satellite babies."



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Hi Adam - I think the second "Chinatown" is supposed to say "China."

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Thanks for spotting the dumb mistake. Fixed.

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Opposite may be true as well. An acquaintance's elderly mother (Chinese) wasn't doing well at the rehab where she was in Woburn. They moved her back into Chinatown where she could be surrounded by some familiar faces and the same language. Marked improvement.

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