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Second fire reported at Arlington rabbi's home

Arlington Police report a police officer on patrol in the Lake Street area responded around 9 p.m. on Thursday to a report of a fire at a rabbi's Lake Street home - and used a handheld extinguisher to douse fire coming from the home's wood shingles.

The first fire, which also involved exterior shingles, occurred Saturday around 11 p.m. at the home, where Rabbi Avi Burkiet lives with his wife and three children and which doubles as a sanctuary for the local Chabad center. Police have released video of a possible suspect.

Police say they now have a full-time detail officer assigned to Lake Street.

In a statement, acting Police Chief Julie Flaherty said:

These are extremely concerning incidents in which an innocent family has had the safety and security of their home compromised by some else's violent actions. The Arlington Police Department will use every resource at its disposal to find the facts and ensure that any suspect or suspects are brought to face justice.

Anyone with information can contact police at 781-643-1212.



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Still no mention of a possible hate crime in the police statement?

Maybe if the Arlington Police acknowledged this as a probable hate crime the first time then the MAGArsonist wouldn't have returned to make sure that everyone knew the reason was for hate.

Arlington being in denial about the motive behind the first arson attempt kept this family and community in danger. Were they just trying to protect the image of the town? When I read the first article I immediately assumed it was done as a message of hate against the Jewish religion.

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I'd agree that hate crime is a likely possibility, but it's not the only (plausible) possibility. It's fine w/me if the police do a little digging before labeling it as a hate crime.

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