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Second Indian restaurant in Forest Hills could open within a week

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to approve Bukhara's move from Centre Street to 3698 Washington St., across from the Forest Hills T stop, in the space where Grass Fed and Tonic briefly used to be.

Following a hearing on the license this morning, Bukhara manager Manraj Pabla said that assuming the board approves a license for the new location and it passes a final health inspection, it could be open in five days or so.

Pabla confirmed the move is permanent, that after 23 years on Centre Street, his family and the new landlords of that space could not come to terms on a lease.

He said the new location is a good one, in what is becoming a much denser residential area.

He said he does not expect his restaurant to be direct competition with Tikki Masala, a couple doors down on Washington Street, because the two restaurants focus on different things: Tikki Masala serves northern Indian food in a "fast casual" setting, while Bukhara serves both northern and southern food in more of a sit-down atmosphere.

Pabla said that, eventually, he hopes to seek a beer and wine license.

The offices of Mayor Walsh and City Councilor Althea Garrison (at large) both supported the proposed license.



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I picked up some food there a few weekends ago - is it only take-out right now?

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How can these guys blatantly serve customers for two months without a license? Indicative of how much respect they have for the public. This restaurant was shuttered twice on Centre Street for health code violations. The place was infested with rodents and vermin!

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The ONLY location they can find is a couple doors down from the only other JP Indian restaurant?? My family actually thinks Tikki is a very good option for Indian and the FH location is pretty convenient--they've worked hard to make it a reasonable success and I'd hate to see their business suffer because Bukhara can't seem to make any other location work. JP is big enough for two Indian restaurants--FH is unfortunately not big enough for two.

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There used to be ANOTHER indian place on Centre St. two doors down from Bukhara (where Noodle Barn is)... and speaking of Noodle Barn, I can't believe that place is still open with the Soup Shack being right down by the Monument and world's better.

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I've been impressed by the Soup Shack. Will definitely be returning.

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How can two crappy "restaurants" be in competition for anything. Forest Hills and greater Roslindale deserve better.

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... Shanti and (a little way into WR) Himalayan Bistro. That's fine for me.

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