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Shame about all those Hancock windows, the sequel

Godzilla, Mothra take out the Hancock

There's yet another trailer out for the new Godzilla movie (like the 97th?) and in this one, the Hancock gets destroyed in a battle between Godzilla and, um, Mothra?

Kenmore Square gets destroyed.
All of the Back Bay gets destroyed.

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The last time I saw Godzilla and Mothra together was when they teamed up with Rodan to save Tokyo from Ghidra, the Three-Headed Monster. And they say we're not a world-class city.

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Gotta give credit to the marketing team, they put together some good trailers, although if you put them all together, don't you basically see the whole movie without paying? lol

Can anyone confirm - this never actually filmed in Boston, at all, right? So, no cash-backs from our state government?

EDIT: the Wikipedia entry says it was filmed in Georgia and Mexico City (and, presumably, in Hollywood, w/ special effects work overseas?), but nothing about Boston.

Don't read the Wikipedia entry unless you want to know about other Boston-based scenes. lol


This "trailer" (I don't know from where or what or when) shows more Boston. Sorry to disappoint people, the Seaport District comes through unscathed, once again!


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Explains what brings all the monsters to the Boston yard.

And, yeah, this trailer shows Ghidorah taking care of business in Boston Harbor; didn't mention that above because the scene was in the earlier trailer, too.

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They end up fixing it up, though.

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Oh, the good old days of the Plywood Ranch.

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A smattering of glass and panels

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Nothing godzilla does is any worse than the current developement.

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...all Godzilla would need to do is stand somewhere in the Back Bay, and that alone would eff up the water table enough to cause damage to the whole area. Yay, shoddy building techniques and architects who don't take environmental considerations!

(It's only a matter of time before we second the second coming of the plywood palace)

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Curious what you mean w/ your joke - the 1860s buildings or current day, lol

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You know... Godzilla is getting a bit tiresome.

I used to work in Jersey City - Exchange Place. The neighborhood was finally starting to come up - and Godzilla wrecks it!!

Now I've lived and worked in Boston for years. Crummy places getting cleaned up, new construction, getting rid of elevated highways & trains, clean the harbor a bit, property values going up... - and guess what? The frickin' King Of Monsters shows up here!!!

I'm going to post a sternly-worded complaint on BOS311! This uncouth rampaging simply cannot be allowed to continue.

...and if 311 doesn't satisfy, I shall contact the real power in this city - The Back Bay Neighborhood Association! They will bring this beast to heel!

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