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SJC justice: Judge can't refuse to let DA drop charges against protesters

WBZ reports.

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conservative commenters here on this decisive crushing of judicial activism and overreach.

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could be awhile

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And the lawsuits against the police will go forward.

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The link is something about football.

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The link above points at:


See the /l at the end? Apparently that caused the web server to deliver that Pro Bowl piece. Weird.

Just drop that bit and the link resolves correctly:

High Court Sides With DA Rachael Rollins In Spat Over Straight Pride Parade Arrests

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Regardless of one's political persuasion, everyone should be concerned that a judge was acting in a manner outside of his/her authority. While some many not like the fact that Rollins was dropping charges, as the elected rep of the people she has that power and the government (rep'd by the judge) does not. Otherwise we'd be back in Salem in 1692 accusing and convicting without due process.

McCarthy's effort to get masks off will also be an interesting challenge. What happens if a group of Muslim women decide to protest and wear a burqa? That's just one example. I can think of several off the top of my head.

Masks are not just to challenge police from obtaining identity, but also to hide one's image from employers or even churches that might affect retribution for voicing an opinion or mere participation in some events. While the First Amendment protects you from the government, it does not protect you from your employer, church, or neighbor.

What about a gay person that participates in a gay rights event but they work for Chick-Fil-A? Or a Roman Catholic that participates in a pro-choice march? Plenty of examples of retribution in the workplace and churches.

The list goes on....

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