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Slip slidin' away on South Huntington

Slippery conditions on South Huntington Avenue

Patrick Ford took a look at South Huntington Avenue around 6:30 p.m. and saw a bus stuck in the snow. A T inspector in an SUV pulled up and tried to push the bus, but it didn't seem to be working:

Might want to avoid the E and 39.



If that bus is stuck in that, it's got tire problems big enough to tell everyone to get off and tow it back.

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About a decade ago, one of my sons who went to Boston Latin came come very wet and mucked up on a snowy afternoon. The 39 on that hill just couldn't make it. The lads inside agreed to climb out and push it. They did, it went, and they got the worst of it.

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Do not go together. They're supposed to swap in 40-footers when the snow starts, but apparently someone at the T forgot.

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this storm was barely a 1 on the toast scale. Stale bread and egg substitute.

The snow is kind of heavy, though. Might as well just let it melt. But I do expect total shutdown of all MBTA lines, just because.

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The storm’s still going on though.

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