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In South Boston, big wheel keep on turnin'

Big, really, giant wheel making a turn in South Boston

Eileen Murphy watched a big wheel making a turn on East 1st Street this morning. It was headed towards the Reserved Channel, where Eversource is building a new engergy conduit to the Deer Island sewage-treatment plant, which it had to install after the federal government and Massport sued it (and the MWRA) because the original one wasn't buried deep enough and would have caused problems for the dredging ordered by the Army Corps of Engineers to allow bigger ships to dock at the Conley Terminal.

The spool is labeled Prysmian, which is the name of a company that builds and installs the cables for such products, so maybe it's a spool to hold large electrical cables, of the sort Eversource will be laying in a trench across Boston Harbor?

Meanwhile, across the river, Maryr spotted a large, hollowed out cube on Main Street in Cambridge the other day:

Large, hollowed out cube


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I don't want to see the size of the hamster!

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Cantcha smell that smell?

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That spool is probably running away from the set of "SMILF" and never looking back.

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