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South Shore man who keeps getting in trouble there charged with fare evasion in South Boston


Transit Police report officers looking for fare evaders and other ne'er-do-wells at Andrew station yesterday found both in the form of Jeremy Derusha, 31, of Abington, who they say tried piggybacking his way onto the Red Line around 10 a.m.

Officers planned to just write Derusha a ticket for fare evasion, but then arrested him after learning he was wanted on several warrants out of Quincy District Court for assault and battery on a police officer, felony larceny, attempting to commit a crime, disorderly conduct, trespassing and drug possession. He also faces a felony larceny charge out of Brighton District Court, police say.

Derusha once threatened to kill a police officer and allegedly tried attacking his ex-girlfriend after she got a restraining order against him - only she was able to run into a McDonald's restroom with her children and lock the door. He is also known to police in Braintree.

Innocent, etc.

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In Andrew?

More like tripping over.

(before sully intervenes, i live in southie can show proper identification indicating as such so i am fully in my right to judge)

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Was Officer Krupke involved?

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Publish the number of fare evasion citations. I was recently in DC and their police issued over 16000 citations in the last several months. Also do they track the race of the violator to avoid claims of racial profiling.

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Great job MBTA cops!!!! it just blows my mind that theres resources for about 6 MBTA detectives at Andrew on a daily basis but theres not 5 cents to invest in the maintenance of the actual trains!!! But regardless with roughly $300 an hour worth of Transit police on location at Andrew on a daily basis grabbing $2 fare evaders its comforting to know this guys off the streets!!!!

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I didn't realize the T actually cared about rules - fare evaders, bikes on crowded trains during rush hour, flooded and hazardous platforms, etc.

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