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State Police say Charlestown OUI suspect tried to hide, but gave up after K9 chomped him

State Police report arresting a Lynn man on OUI and other charges after a chase through the streets of Charlestown and Somerville that ended with a police dog first sniffing him out and then "engaging" him hard enough that troopers could put him into cuffs.

State Police say troopers on patrol on New Rutherford Avenue around 2:15 a.m. spotted Jerry Martinez, 32, of Lynn, "commit motor vehicle infractions" in his 2003 Trailblazer. They say Martinez refused to pull over and instead sped off.

The suspect vehicle continued on Route 99 and then onto Route 38 (paralleling Route 93 northbound) where it blew a tire on a curb and continued at low speed, approximately 25 mph.

The vehicle came to a stop on Rt. 28 (Mystic Avenue) at Butler St. in Somerville where the operator and passenger, both males, exited the vehicle and fled on foot. Troopers detained the passenger immediately but the operator was combative. A Trooper deployed his electronic control weapon, but the suspect was able to scale a fence and escape into the surrounding neighborhood. Troopers from MSP Troop H and two MSP K-9 units established a perimeter and began a search for the remaining suspect.

Around 3:20 a.m., Trooper Christopher Thurlow and his canine companion, Devaney, were on Sidney Street in Somerville, when Devaney picked up Martinez's scent, State Police say.

He hooked around the corner between the vinyl fence and a chain link fence where he located and apprehended the suspect wedged between the two fences in brush. Devaney engaged the suspect, who was taken into custody by Trooper Dugue and other Troopers.

State Police did not specify exactly how Devaney "engaged" Martinez, but note he will be arraigned after he is released from Mass. General, where he is being treated for both an injury while jumping the fence and "for a dog bite suffered during his apprehension."

State Police say they are still figuring out everything to charge him with, but that at a minimum, he will face arraignment for OUI, negligent operation, trespassing and possession of open containers of alcohol and marijuana in a motor vehicle.

State Police add that Martinez's passenger was released after questioning.

Innocent, etc.

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Yes, he's allegedly a scumbag for allegedly drunk driving, but it's not OK to dispatch a dog to bite someone who (since he no longer has his car) does not pose an imminent threat to public safety.

Not to mention that from an animal rights perspective, it's also not fair to the dogs to be training and forcing them to do this shit.

I know the troopers have developed a special relationship with their K9s, etc. but it's time for society to move beyond this primitive nonsense.

But I look forward to the tough-guy keyboard warriors telling me what a crybaby pinko I am.

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Using K-9's save lives. If an office can dispatch his dog vs. his gun, it's a win win for everyone. Dogs are trained to do this and for certain breeds it's natural. Dogs like to work.

Hey, if you don't want to be chased down by a police K-9 - don't do the crime ;)

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Why isn't he charged with resisting arrest? Hmmm.

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Couldn't tell if your question was serious, or a little bit sarcastic, but in case you missed this part;

. State Police say they are still figuring out everything to charge him with

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beats the hell out of getting shot.
Good Doggo.

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