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Storrowed in Dudley

Truck jammed into Dudley bus station

No doubt there's a hell of a good story behind this truck getting wedged in nice and tight at the Dudley Square bus station this afternoon. "Not a day goes by without some action in Dudley Square," FORCV, who took the photo, notes.

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The funniest part about it being in Dudley Sq is that there are always people hanging out, no way nobody saw that coming. They watched haha

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Any damage can be clearly attributed to this truck, but I hope it gets fixed right away. Too often the insurer cuts a check but the city or state property sits damaged for years.

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How did it even get into the bus station?

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Why is it in the bus station? Part of me wants the driver or company to get fined for being in an unauthorized area

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The signs say MBTA vehicles only, $50 fine.

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At Malden Station, all the time, the Ubertarians ALWAYS pull into the busway to pick up and drop off their clients. The worst that happens to them is they get yelled at by the inspector, if there is an inspector there at the time.

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Dudley'd in this case. Also, when it happens on Memorial Drive, it should be called Memorial'd. Storrow'd should ONLY be used for Storrow Drive.

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