Stretchy snacks: Newbury Street tights joint to get cafe for harried shoppers on the go

The Zoning Board of Appeal yesterday approved a proposal by Lululemon to include a cafe inside the new two-story store it's outfitting at 210-214 Newbury St., after hearing that the idea is to make life easier on people who don't have long enough lunch breaks to shop for athleisurewear and then go somewhere else for something to eat. Once the store moves from its current location down the street, Lululemonistas will be able to pick up both athletic wear and some prepared food to take back to the office.



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OK, I admit it ...

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After spending a long time listening to an entire room of angry people yelling at each other and than trying to compose a story about that, nothing helps me relax more than writing an insignificant, odd little bit of news like this :-).

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um Wut?

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i don't get it

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had to read that headline a few times but okay.

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Yeah, the headline was a bit of a stretch.

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