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Swing at Lawn on D collapses, smashes man in the head

WHDH reports an Attleboro man is recovering from serious head injuries caused when one of those large Lawn on D swings collapsed, sending a metal support pole came crashing down on his head.

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...but it sounds like the victim has already lawyered-up. He's sure got his testimony down pat:

"This happened on a day that was supposed to be really fun for me and my friends and I will forever remember this day as an awful event," Fernandes said.

I wish him a speedy recovery and a reasonable payday!

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My besties get mad hookups on Bumble, coffee meets donuts, and Tinder with their Lawn on D Selfies.

Anyone who is anyone in this City has an #selfieswingonD to get late night monkey spanking going on.

I hopes this gets repaired immediately as soon as possible.


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what on Earth??

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The attorney would’ve told him to shut up.

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From the article: "The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, which operates the Lawn on D, told 7 NEWS the incident was the result of a mechanical break." No shit, Sherlock. World-class infrastructure, baby.

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