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Syringes floating into the harbor from Fort Point Channel

Gaston reports spotting ten syringes floating in Fort Point Channel, which flows into Boston Harbor, this morning.

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I just want to say that the headline brought to mind the tune "chestnuts roasting on an open fire."

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Great. Now the fish are getting HEP C,too.

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Does this guy not leave Fort Point?

Take a walk down A St to Broadway and then down into Andrew Square and dare I say over the bridge down toward Newmarket.

THIS is what all those rabble rousing "townies" have been complaining about for the past 10 years.

Marty closed the bridge and unless Gaston here is a developer, good luck getting anyone to listen.

World Class City baby!

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And perhaps if Quincy didn't obstruct at every turn, it would have been rebuilt rather than closed.

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And Marty seems to be able to get things done when his bosses tell him to however he never even tried to give the appearance of caring by not leveraging his power as mayor to force developers toss a few bones toward the rebuild.

Money talks and blaming Quincy is a cop out.

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Marty's puppet masters could care less about Boston's homeless, the decline in quality of life for Boston residents, and the serious public health issues created by unsanitary conditions. Those people drive or are driven to avoid walking anywhere in the city and most don't even live here. Boston is just a financial investment and plaything for them.

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Look at how Quincy is trying to block Marty now. That’s what Menino faced for 20 frickin’ years. One end of the bridge is in Quincy. They have leverage, and they keep on using it.

It is 100% Quincy’s fault. They suck.

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This is the dangerous plastic waste most found in Massachusetts. How about a ban on giving them out free without an equal number turned in?

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