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Teen arraigned for July attack in Kendall Square that cost woman her sight in one eye

Cambridge Day reports.

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How do you react to a minor who's threatening you? If you defend yourself you'll be charged with child endangerment, child abuse, or something just like those two. How about the bleach attacks on the T from a few years ago? When a teen throws bleach at you are you allowed to defend yourself? In the Kendall Square attack the instigator wasn't going to listen to reason. So what does one do?

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She didn't engage the attacker. She didn't have a chance.

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it doesn't sound like that to me.it sounds like he got off the bike, assaulted her and robbed her. that's a bit more than threatening.

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You hope there is clear video to tell your side of the story, and the both a judge and jury are willing to look at that video to make a reasonable call.

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But not unusual. They will typically punch you in the face to scare and startle. But they always pick victims they perceive are vulnable and weak.

This location is literally 2 blocks from Police HQ.

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A friend of the victim posted to our neighborhood Nextdoor in July with more specifics - all of which were horrifying. The police initially reported the attack as "unknown blunt object" then "unknown sharp object" as they continued their investigation (or bowed to local pressure?).

It seems like this was a unprovoked A&B from behind with a illegal knife on a woman within a block of a Marriott and several bars. Google's Cambridge headquarters are on the same block. I know it's "bad for business" to make too big a fuss about the violent side of Cambridge, but let's not forget too quickly that Cambridge has nurtured some unforgettably violent young men before.

All this and the defendant is still innocent until proven guilty. Thank you to Cambridge law enforcement and the prosecution for understanding the necessity of making this case as public as possible ("youthful" vs "juvenile").

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