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There's a reason they call it Patriots Day

NorthEndWaterfront.com has photos from last night's Lantern Ceremony at Old North Church. Sara Cuthbertson got up early to watch the battle on Lexington Green.

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According to the Globe's home page, it's called Patriots Day for some reason related to a local football team. The real reason is more important and interesting.

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I woke up to loud thunder, bright lightning, and pounding rain. Lexington cancelled the kids' morning parade and the horseback arrival of Paul Revere, and changed the start time of its main parade from 2 pm to 1:15.

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Only Problem with the picture of the Reenactment ... It's fake history

Neither Paul Revere nor William Dawes began their rides from next to Christ Church [aka Old North Church]

Revere began his ride from Charlestown.

Contrary to Longfellow before "the ride" -- Revere had met with Dr. Warren, and then arranged with the Sexton of the Church for the Two Lanterns to be shown. Revere then walked to the edge of the harbor to be rowed across to Charlestown from a point essentially by the Charles T Station. His ride began essentially at the northern pier of the Charlestown Bridge[Revere Landing Park] where his horse was waiting.

William Dawes Ride began approximately where Holly Cross Cathedral is located today -- although whether Dawes walked from the meeting with Dr Warren and Revere with the instructions to warn Adams and Hancock in Lexington or that he was somewhere else in Boston with a a message being carried to him by yet another person will likely be forever unknown

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And are willing to make some allowances for the need to find a place where one can assemble. In any case, the main point of the event was to commemorate the role of the church and its steeple.

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