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They auctioned off Doyle's today, but some of its memorabilia will live on electronically

Hannah Spicher reports that among the people at the auction of interior stuff at Doyle's today were representatives of the Boston Public Library and the Jamaica Plain Historical Society, who were photographing and cataloging items up for sale to create an online gallery of what would seen be going out the doors.

She adds there's an online petition to save the building "as a community restaurant and tavern," rather than having it torn down and replaced by something else.



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How can I miss you if you won’t leave? This is the longest “Goodbye” in history. If Doyle’s were a horse they would have put it down 10 years ago. Got a big kick out of the “Save Doyle’s” crew. They running around screaming as if they are nurses & doctors managing an Emergency Room at non profit hospital. Lmaooooo

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