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Third try the charm for troubled Cleveland Circle restaurant spot?

The Boston Licensing Board this week considers a request from a Newton restaurateur to turn the failed Agoros pizza place at 356 Chestnut Hill Ave. into a bar and grill.

George and Bob Kariotis want to buy the pizza place's beer and wine license to open an establishment there called the Circle.

Agoros closed in December, 2017 after racking up an impressive number of citations from both city and state regulators for serving alcohol to underage BC students. Its owners bought the beer and wine license previously used at the location by Roggie's, which the city ordered shut after its owner was convicted of trying to keep police from learning how a customer ended up near death in an alley after falling down some stairs in the bar.

The licensing board's hearings - which include other applications from across the city - begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday in Room 809 in City Hall.


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Sure, there is the guarantee of a captive BC audience seven months a year (and whoever remains during vacations) but there is also the guarantee that beginning in the first week, students will be testing their fake ID's, brawling, arriving half drunk then being served etc. This will lead to City and/or ABCC hearings.

A good liquor lawyer starts around $500 per hour, a connected one closer to $1000. Lot's of prep time, interviews and research before the hearing, plus the good chance the hearing will get continued, all adding to the billable hours. Even a flat rate would be well into the five figures. This is not counting the legal fees for the initial application and any subsequent violations. There will be violations and hearings, no matter how hard the owners try to prevent it. Never mind the lawsuits when somebody inevitably claims injury. The liability insurance alone will be through the roof.

I wish them well but they will need to charge $10 for a Busch Draft and $30 per pizza to make it.

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The area is changing with new condos etc so maybe they can target the demographic that will pay more for better beer than Bud and Coors.

The last three owners are Greek. Maybe just a coincidence, but so far results have been the same.

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