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Three BPS schools locked doors after getting a 'threatening' message

WFXT reports on the situation at English High School in Jamaica Plain and the O'Bryant School and Madison Park, next to each other in Roxbury. The schools were put in "safe" mode," in which students and teachers try to go on with their days normally even as all external doors are locked to keep people out; the schools are now back to regular mode.


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...all schools be in “safe mode” all the time? Can anyone just walk into any school through any door?

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You're supposed to be buzzed in by somebody from the office. Safe mode is the next step up, though, where you just can't get in no matter who you are.

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this is weak...

saying "threatening message" covers so many things

- was it a rando on facebook?
- or a disturbed student?
- or a disgruntled parent?
- or maybe someone just scribbled a message on a bathroom stall?

Parents are now left to their own imaginations when pondering if they'll see their child again

narrowing the scope of panic in cases like this is something we havent really figured out yet in this post 9/11 world

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